BeMyEye Acquires Russian
Image Recognition provider

BeMyEye Acquires Russian
Image Recognition provider
We are the experts in most of the quantitative research areas
that help to form brand and route-to-market strategies
Complete territory study needed to build effective distribution model
Retail audit
In-store execution audit in terms of product placement, promotion efforts, and other associated aspects
Price monitoring
Regular and promo retail price tracking based on closed or open product list
Equipment inventory
Commercial equipment (cooler, freezer, draught, etc.) availability and condition check in outlets or in the warehouses
Mystery shopper
Assessment of consumer experience obtained in the process of purchasing goods or services for the purpose of organisational problems
Consumer surveys
Online / mobile panel of more than 150 000 respondents with the ability to customise the profile of the target audience
155 313
independent auditors CONNECTED

358 175
points of sale
5 044
We have developed unique technologies for the rapid data collection and processing from retail. The data is collected by crowdsourcing and then subsequently verified and processed by own automatic image recognition Deep Vision, which uses convolutional neural networks to analyse the shelves in the retail outlets at high speed (<20 sec) and accuracy (> 96%).

Crowdsourcing ensures the presence of agents in almost any location and allows to reduce the time of field work up to a few days.

Based on received photos from the agents, our Deep Vision system automatically calculates required shelf KPIs, for example, such as:
- Share of shelf in facings / assortment
- On-shelf availability (OSA) / Out-of-stock (OOS)
- Planogram compliance
- Regular and promo prices
- POSM presence

Case Studies
We have a unique opportunity to leverage our experience gained in all the projects we've done for Retail, FMCG and Pharma companies, to create new high performance solutions
Retail audit of 50 merchandising
criteria in 100,000 retail outlets in 5,000 cities
We conducted an independent retail audit of 50 merchandising criteria in 100,000 outlets in 5,000 cities in Russia for a large FMCG company with the help of crowdsourcing. Based on the results of the retail audit, the customer was able to improve the implementation of merchandising standards by 30% across Russia, and to create a new efficient system of motivating merchandisers.

Mystery shopper in 3,000 pet-stores in 300 cities
Streetbee's mystery shoppers examined 3,000 pet-stores in 300 cities of Russia for the large pet-food manufacturer. It became possible to understand which brands pet-shop consultants recommend and what arguments they use.

Price monitoring in 15 largest cities
Bi-weekly price monitoring project for a large international FMCG company was launched in 5 days in 15 cities with population over one million people. During the year Streetbee crowdsourcing agents collected regular and promo retail prices for 5 confectionery categories in 500 retail stores. This study showed how client's price increases retailer translated into the trade.

Our Clients
Streetbee is one of the largest players in crowdsourced retail data collection and processing using neural network based image recognition and machine learning technologies in Russia and CIS.

We use advanced tools that make retail intelligence tasks more efficient, and also help FMCG, Retail and Pharmaceutical companies reduce 2-3 times the cost of research and market insights, as well as control of distributed salesforce.

We can collect and analyse retail data almost in real time, for example, monitor shelf stock, regular and promo prices or do mystery shopper in thousands of stores.
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